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Hi, I'm MEESH, and welcome to my official website

I've been an actor since I can remember, but I officially started it as a career a bit late in my life. You know, to actually do it for money. See, I love making people smile... Either by story telling or doing funny bits here and there, I always loved doing it ever since growing up in Saudi Arabia. Oh yeah, I'm from Saudi Arabia. Before the crazy ride of entertainment I was an I.T. Guy for a Japanese company, hence me having a thing for traveling to Japan. I got my Masters from Waseda University in Network Engineering, and started my PhD when I realized Acting was actually my passion.

So that is where this amazing life started. I did really well in Japan, and it prompted me to take the leap of faith, and do my thing in Hollywood, and here I am!!!

In a nutshell, My dream is to be the first Saudi to win one or ALL of the big 3 awards. And now that I am officially a SAG-AFTRA union Member, My dreams are slowly coming true. And to prove me outright dedication to this life I decided a makeover was due, and I lost about 200 lbs between 2015-2016. So enjoy, because lots of fun things are coming up! And it is never too late to make your dreams come true!

Bellow are some external links to my social media sites, and online resume.
Oh and please do check out my IMDB page! and coming soon are some more links as I decided this is the year to look for what the crazy internet has on me... :)

THANK YOU ! ありがとう ! شكرا !

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